Courage, Life

Taking Jesus literally

I thought of Jesus. I thought of the people He hung around with. I thought of the homeless, the sick, weary, and hungry. I thought of children in Haiti, Kenya, Somalia - I thought of children in the streets downtown.


Oh be careful little mouth what you say…

He proclaimed the joy that would flood Heaven over one person. The person, like you and me, who needs a savior. The person who has stumbled, fallen, rejected, manipulated, and seemed to be so far away - we'd never be accepted.

Courage, Life

When the Church Hurts

Chances are you've been to church before. Whether it's been one time or you go every Sunday and Wednesday. If you've never been to church, you definitely know someone who does go or used to. A piece of advice given to me when I first started church a few years ago: Just because someone hurts… Continue reading When the Church Hurts