What do you think when I tell you to picture a bear? Do you think back to a childhood teddy that you used to sleep with? If you have kids, perhaps you think of the end scene of Brave with the two black bears fighting.

Bears are actually quiet, shy, and solitary. They go about minding their own business trying to just get by. Who knows, maybe the feel insignificant. We don’t really know what animals think or feel, the emotions they may have. You could say, it’s just a bear but didn’t we used to say that about dolphins and chimpanzees?

Anyway, that shy – minding their own business, all changes when cubs enter their world. The sacrifice mama bear makes with her own body to provide for the cubs is unbelievable. Sure, women do the same thing when nursing a baby but a bear? A bear loses its body weight and is laid up in a den for months with her cubs. Nobody’s bringing her Chinese food at 2 am.

Aside from sacrificing her body – her instincts truly kick in. Her purpose for living changes. Her reason for surviving, hunting, protecting herself is different. It’s not about her own well being anymore. She strives for survival for her cubs sake. The quiet shy bear doesn’t back down from threats or retreat anymore. Too much is at stake.


She becomes – courageous. She realizes she has a purpose, a calling. To neglect her role would be detrimental. This new strength in her soul burns like the after math of an atomic bomb. Something inside of her stirs and can’t be contained. She realizes her worth.

You are the courageous bear. You have worth, a purpose, a calling. That flame inside? Don’t smother it, ignite it. God has a plan for you – exactly how you are right now. Let Him use you. Be courageous.

The Courageous Bear was created to give inspiration, hope, insight, and courage to those who feel like they’re always a step behind.

My hope is to make you understand that you are exactly who you need to be. You were created by the most high loving God of the universe and He doesn’t make mistakes.

If you feel courageous enough to take your life into your hands – to reach your full potential and get your mind, heart, and body healthy – you need to reach out right now.

You need to hear what I have to say, I promise – you won’t be disappointed. Let’s get you back Mama Bear.

The Courageous Coalition is a team of courageous Mama’s just like you who decided to come together to change their futures and use their gifts and abilities to be the best version of themselves and bring others along with them. Click “Join Me” at the top to fill out an application and get you moving to your full potential and best health!

Grab some coffee or tea, a few minutes alone (good luck!), and open your heart to laugh, cry, and think with me.