Courage, Friendship, Mama Bear


 Chances are you’ve heard the song Priceless by For King and Country. You’ve probably sang along with it in your car but have you heard it? Here – let me remind you of a few lyrics….

No matter what you’ve heard
This is what you’re worth
More than all the money all the diamonds & pearls
Oh this is who you are
Yeah this is who you are

So when it’s late

You’re wide awake
Too much to take
Don’t you dare forget
That in the pain
You can be brave
Hear me say

I see you dressed in white

Every wrong made right
I see a rose in bloom
At the sight of you
Oh so priceless


Darling it’s beautiful
I see it all in you
Oh so priceless

Priceless – Of King and Country

Did you sing it in your head? Ok, now go back and read those beautiful lyrics…slowly this time – no singing.

A lot of times we blame social media for all the bullying, trolling, and unrealistic expectations put on women. We see other women’s highlight reels, what they want us to see. Recently though, women have started to take a stand. More and more women (actresses, models, instagram stars) are revealing their whole truths. They’ve looked at a post of themselves, looked in the mirror and realized the two are very different. The mirrors in our bathrooms don’t have filters.

When we begin to see the raw pictures coming through showing cellulite, stretch marks, imperfect skin – we begin to humanize each other. At what point do we realize that we’re all the same? Our past and our present successes/failures may be different but our desire to be understood, heard, and accepted course through our veins. We are women.

One of the most intimidating things to do is talk to a stranger. Especially a beautiful, flawless, perfect mom who always has her hair curled and make up so contoured you think she runs her own youtube channel. You’ve never seen her wearing her husband’s tee shirts, pajama bottoms, or active wear – unless she was actually exercising, in her active wear.

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 You think to yourself that you would have nothing in common with this woman. You’ve changed pajama bottoms twice then settled on black active wear pants accompanied by your husband’s tee-shirt because not only does it cover your bum, but it also covers that cute little muffin top that still manages to be seen in those belly button loving pants. You just got out of the shower so your hair is towel dried and looks ok…for now….Your make up? Who has time for that? Even if you tried putting some foundation on, it would all melt away from being hot from the shower and trying on so many pairs of pants anyway.


 Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and won’t see her (or anyone else that you know) today. We grab a glimpse at ourselves in the mirror as we’re rushing to use the restroom one final time before leaving the house and sigh.

We keep our heads tucked as we walk because we feel unacceptable. Then – it happens. The beautiful woman who you’ve never spoken to, has nothing in common with you, who surely judges you if she even notices you at all…walks towards you. You slightly panic or assure yourself she’s not approaching you. Yet, here she comes – eye contact is locked and you begin to judge her trying to figure out what game she must be up to.

Something completely miraculous happens. She smiles at you, introduces herself, and shakes your hand. She apologizes for never officially meeting you but she’s meant to for a while, she’s been too rushed during the opportunities to do so. She wants to have coffee…with you. When you have time for her.

The longing you had to befriend this woman, was the same longing she had. The difference between the two? She was courageous enough (that day) to make it happen.
See, that woman was just like you. She longed for deep, meaningful friendships but took the avenue of fixing herself up and putting her very best foot forward every day. Her kids are older than yours so she doesn’t have to tend to them as much in the mornings which means she can tend to herself. Her schedule isn’t as hectic as yours right now so she has a bit more time. She’s at a different season in her life right now but her desire to be accepted, understood, and heard courses through her veins just as much as it does yours.

When you look in the mirror – no matter which woman you are – the one dressed in pajama bottoms or a Betsey Johnson dress, believe you are priceless.

It takes courage and audacity to step out of our comfort zones. We know what it’s like to feel invisible so we should know what it looks like when others feel invisible. What if you could be the beautiful, flawless woman to someone? Don’t worry, you don’t need to change who you are on the outside for this. The woman who approached you, did so from an even more beautiful place – her heart. Maybe she saw herself in you. Maybe the kindness and friendship she offered to you, was exactly what had been offered to her from another courageous woman who stepped out of her comfort zone.

We’re all in this together. Let’s make sure we let everyone else know that.

“…there is an abundant need in this world for your contributions
to the kingdom….your thoughts and words and artistic expressions….
your exact brand of beautiful.”

Lysa TerKeurst – Uninvited



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