Courage, Life

It’s going to hurt

It’s been ingrained into our minds that strength is the only acceptable avenue we can travel. Happiness stems from the strength that pulls us through each day, which is what leads us to success after all.

We teach our children to have good attitudes and to be happy, every day. They get time outs or chill out time if they’re having an off day.

We forget that sometimes life hurts. When it does hurt, we push it away and lean into strength. Why do we do that? Why do we think hurt is unacceptable?

Hurting is inevitable. Things in life happen – we lose a loved one, a dear pet, a friend breaks our heart, we realize how lonely motherhood can be. Rather than embracing the pain and letting it sear our hearts for a while, we push it away.

Pain has been deemed weak. Dramatic even. When we’re experiencing pain, we rush over the hurt and try to get over it quickly. We’re not weak, we’re strong – we have to be. What ends up happening when we adopt this attitude? The attitude that sure it’s ok to hurt, but not for too long.

We perhaps become bitter. Our joy is sucked out because the hurt in our hearts hasn’t been fully ripped apart yet. We didn’t let the pain and hurt take us over – we tried to stop it in its tracks. Our healing can’t begin yet. No matter how much time has passed, no matter how far along we “should” be in our healing – if we haven’t embraced the pain, we won’t begin to heal. How could we?

Don’t prolong the hurt. Don’t make light of it. Accept it, all of it…all at once. How can we fully heal if we don’t allow ourselves to first fully hurt? Want to throw a pity party? Do it. Want to cry and eat ice cream for three days? Do it. Do whatever you need to do to feel it.

Then? Then allow that strength to come….because it will. It may take a few weeks or even months but it will happen. The trick is to let it. Let your strength allow you to feel a little better, don’t feel guilty for it. Don’t dismiss it. The strength inside comes from God. When He is ready to move, let Him. He knows what’s best for you beloved child.

He knows your pain and knows when it’s time to begin healing. You will heal, you will find peace, and you will find happiness again. The joy in your heart? That should have never gone. True joy comes from Christ alone and you and I both know that He will never leave you.

Life is going to hurt sometimes. You’re going to be sad sometimes and that’s ok. You’re allowed to be.


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