Courage, Life

It Is Never Too Late

We all have aspirations, goals, dreams. Whether or not we know what they are, we feel in the depths of our souls that we were made for more. Often, we start with the force being strong within us but rarely do we have the discipline to keep it. The flame that blazes in our hearts begins to stifle and becomes a mere flicker.

Life goes back to the way it always has been and we’re back to our routine – we can’t seem to break free. Our good intentions and progress gradually become merely ideas and good thoughts. We gave it a go! Oh well, back to reality…one of these days we’ll be the person we’re trying to become.

  Had I always sought your will I should now have been strong in the Lord. But it is never too late.
– Walter James

  When we fall, we know to get back up. We know it’s ok, it’s normal and expected of us. Until we become comfortable with falling. It’s when we become disengaged with the failures and disappointments in ourselves that we should stop dead in our tracks. Embracing our failures is beautiful but expecting it is detrimental.

  Eventually we’ll expect ourselves to fail so often that we’ll quit trying. What’s the point if we’ll never accomplish our potential anyway?

Rise up
Take courage
And do it
– Ezra 10:4

  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

  It’s time to stop fearing the failure – stop accepting it. Stop being so comfortable. It’s time to realize that the spirit that’s referred to so frequently in the Bible is indeed – the Holy Spirit – God Himself. This is God in His Holy place….

  Break free – don’t be conformed to this age but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). Walk the straight and narrow – step out of your comfort zone – renew your mind to God’s perfect will for your life. Know that YOU can do it – YOU can be transformed. Right now. In this moment. How?


  Jesus. He is the answer. He is the way to break free – “if you’ve got pain, He’s a pain taker – if you feel lost, He’s a way maker – if you need freedom, saving, He’s a prison shaking savior – if you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker.” (Chain Breaker – Zach Williams)

  It’s never too late to become who God intended you to be. If you believe that it is too late – you’re letting Satan win and I have some news for you – that won’t happen. Satan loses. Period. End of story.

  Jesus wins which means YOU win. Who else will win? Who else are you going to bring with you to the victory?


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