When we submit our gifts and abilities to God, He often uses them in unexpected ways.

Hi friends!
Let me introduce myself – my name is Jaclyn and I’m a stay at home wife, homeschooling mama, and secret author. I love Jesus, myself, my family, and I even love the heck out of you.

Once upon a time I had a side hustle because…see above. I’d seen everybody doing these “jobs” where you work from home for 1 hour a day all on your cell phone and make $500 extra a month!

I said um, yes please! So, after seeing some frequent posts from one of these go getters, I signed up. I was on FIRE!! I had the passion in my heart, I vibrated with excitement because of the promises that I was made.

It didn’t take long before I was checking my phone every 5 seconds to see if anyone sent me a message or liked or commented on my postings. It didn’t take long before I was snapping at my children and pushing my husband away. It didn’t take long before my mind was obsessed and soon? Absolutely unhealthy.

I was in the best shape of my life physically but my mind? Oh girl…

Having an unhealthy mind meant a few things:

  • I was unhealthy
  • I wasn’t pursuing my passion anymore
  • I was obsessed
  • My family was suffering (so was I)
  • It wasn’t ok

I don’t recall exactly when I realized it wasn’t ok but I remember saying I quit. I spent nearly 2 years on hiatus.

The freedom and strength I gained is unimaginable!


That burning passion I had inside to pursue my dreams? It never really went out. Soon it became a flicker in the back of my mind but once I felt free….the blaze began again!

So, here we are today! My desire and belief to turn my passion into a career and bring others along with me leads you here. I YOU to believe that your passion can be your career, I want YOU to believe that you are worthy of a strong mind, body, and spirit. I want YOU to be healthy.

The first step for pursuing your passion? Your health.

God didn’t create you to be mediocre. He didn’t design you to only be fulfilled in one aspect of your life. He didn’t put a burning in your heart to be held back by physical limitations. He didn’t give you the physical strength to only have it all fall to pieces by the negativity in your mind. He didn’t make you to yearn from a place in this world only to be crippled by your social anxieties.

Are you ready to become ALL that you were created to be? I hope that after clicking around here a little – you will be.

I hope that after clicking around here a little, you’ll be ready to say ok, I’m in and join me.

Mental health is where it all begins – our minds along with our hearts will shine through in our physical appearance. I want to be your cheerleader and walk along side you in your journey, no matter where you are. Stuck in the stands, false starting at the beginning, or cruising your 26 mile marathon – I got you.